All you need to do is have an existing general Aircoach customer account or sign up for a customer account. 

    Your Advantage account is your general Aircoach account, details of points accrued will be located in your main account. There is no separate Aircoach Advantage account. 

    To create and Aircoach customer account, just visit this link and follow the prompts to complete your details

    To change your password, log in to your Aircoach account and go to Account Settings, then under the Email & password tab, just follow the steps to update your password.

    Advantage points are earned for each purchase you make online at – for every €1 you spend, you earn 1 point, these are then stored in your account for use on future bookings.

    Your points will be valid for as long as you have an active Aircoach Customer Account

    No, points are only rewarded in return for funds spent on your booking (Infants travel for free).

    No, points are only earned when you book on the website?

    You receive 1 point for every €1, so in the above example, you will receive 10 points

    When you make a booking on the website and reach the payments page you can use your Advantage points to pay for your ticket as long as you have enough points in your account. For every €1 spend you will need 10 points so a ticket which costs €7 will need 70 points.

    Advantage points can be redeemed once you have enough points to pay for the cheapest ticket in your booking – e.g., if you have enough points for one ticket, but you are purchasing two tickets, points can be redeemed against one of the tickets

    No, at the purchase stage, you will be offered an option to use Advantage points against your bookings, you don’t have to use them and can continue to accrue points to use at a later date

    You can check your points total in your Aircoach account. Also, when you are making a booking, you will be notified of how many points you currently have available and if you have enough to use for a ticket.

    Yes, if a journey is cancelled and your booking is unused, points will be reverted back to your account

    If you have included the Flexibook option, then yes, you can amend your booking.

    No, points are generated based on the price of the fare only. 

    No, points can only be used against future Aircoach bookings when you have accumulated enough for one ticket

    No, points are non-transferable to another account

    Aircoach Advantage is a loyalty program to reward our loyal and repeat customers, earn points online as you book your journeys with Aircoach. Redeem those points for future bookings as they accumulate.


    Aircoach allows a maximum of two pieces of luggage per person free of charge to be carried in the luggage compartment of the coach

    Small bags may be carried on the coach which can be stored in the overhead rack. Bags cannot occupy seats on the coach.

    Space permitting, a bicycle can be accommodated in the luggage compartment. The cost is €5/£5 and can be payable to the driver. 

    Space permitting, E-Bikes and Scooters can be accommodated in the luggage compartment and must have their battery removed prior to placing them in the hold.

    Baggage is carried at the passenger’s risk. Aircoach will use its best endeavours to carry the baggage safely and securely but assumes no liability for any loss or damage to baggage while in its possession, nor any consequences arising from the loss of or damage to baggage. We recommend that customers take out travel insurance that covers the whole of your journey.

    No, your buggy is carried for free regardless of how many other pieces of luggage you have.

    The luggage charge will be for a return journey – the price will be €/£10, however you can purchase a one way bag fee from the driver.

    We recommend no more than two, but this will be at the discretion of the driver depending on availability of space on the coach

    Up to four suitcases. There will be a charge for any extra pieces of baggage or boxes.

    No, refunds are not permitted.

    Yes, you can the driver or at the ticket kiosks at Dublin Airport. The price is €5 per extra piece.

    No, Aircoach does not carry parcels or personal items on our services unless you are travelling on the coach with the package.

    The driver will decide and make the final decision. 

    The driver will decide. The drivers decision is final.

    Due to company health and safety protocols, drivers are not obliged to assist passengers with the lifting of or moving of luggage. They will of course endeavour to assist passengers where possible, please request assistance from your driver if required. 


    Yes, we accept Apple PayGoogle Pay and Samsung Pay along with bank specific payment forms such as Barclays Mobile payments.

    Most contactless cards issued outside of the UK & Ireland will be accepted on our ticket machines. However, if a card doesn't work, please contact your card issuer. Cards issued outside of the UK & Ireland may incur a further overseas transaction fee, applied by your card issuer.

    No, this option is not currently available.

    Contactless cards will display the contactless symbol. Most new cards are issued with this feature. If your card is not currently contactless, speak to your bank to ask if your card can be updated.

    Contactless is a simple and secure way to pay for bus travel without needing cash. Contactless payments can be made for any tickets up to the transaction value of €30/£30.

    If you use a card for a payment which is subsequently declined due to not having enough money in your account, your card will be blocked by our ticket machines. We will try again to recover the money owed automatically after 7 days or if you try to use the card again. Your card will be blocked until a payment is made successfully for the amount outstanding.

    From time to time, we authorise an amount of 10p. This allows us to check with your card issuer that the card is valid. This will be replaced by the full transaction amount in 24-48 hours.

    Payment cards displaying the contactless logo from Visa or Mastercard logo can be used. We also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. We are currently unable to accept payments by American Express.

    Contactless payment is on all of our Aircoach services as long as the total amount does not exceed €50/£50.

    You can use contactless to purchase any paper tickets to the value of €30/£30. This can include more than one ticket in a single transaction, e.g. an adult and a child ticket. However, the total price cannot exceed €30/£30.

    Drivers will not know the reason why a payment did not work. If a payment fails, you may wish to try a different card or pay using an alternative payment method such as cash (with the exception of the 705X route which is a cashless service) or purchasing a ticket via the mTicket app.

    Some of the reasons why a card may not work include:

    • The card has expired
    • The card is not a contactless card
    • The card is not accepted e.g. American Express
    • The card is being presented for a payment over €30/£30
    • A previous transaction has been declined by our system and the card is blocked
    • The card hasn't been approved by the bank for the transaction
    • The card hasn’t been used at a Chip and PIN terminal before
    • More than one card has been detected by the reader at the same time

    If a card does not work, please contact your issuing bank for advice.

    A national limit for contactless payments has been set by all banks to €50/£50.

    Yes, you will get a receipt once your transaction has gone through, along with a ticket for your journey.

    Cash is accepted on board all routes except for the 705X, which is a fully cashless service - pay by contactless only. We highly recommend booking online where possible to guarantee your seat.


    The Flexi Add On allows you to change the date and/or time of departure on the route you have booked up to 30 days either side of your original booking.

    FlexiBook offers you great peace of mind through control of your booking. Should any changes occur in your schedule, you can amend your booking accordingly online.

    Bookings cannot be changed unless the FlexiBook Add On is purchased at time of booking. Changes must be made 1 hour before the time & date of travel in the original booking.

    If the fare is different than the original fare purchased you will have  to pay the fare difference when changing our booking.

    No, the change can only be made to dates and times on the original route you have booked.

    To amend your booking, you will need to have created an Aircoach account. You must log into your account and click amend my booking – then just select your new journey time and date and a new email confirming your changes will be sent to your email address.

    The journey can only be changed up to 30 days either side of your original booking.

    Changes can be made up to 1 hour before the original journey departure time (e.g. if you wish to change from a stop midway through a service – the window for changes is one hour prior to the first stop on that route and not the time of departure for subsequent stops on that service). Tickets on our 700 Leopardstown route are valid on a stand by for 12 hours either side of your departure time without the requirement to buy the Flexibook Add on.

    No, all add ons must be purchased at the time of booking your original journey

    No, FlexiBook is only available to book online

    No, all purchases are non-refundable

    No, all purchases are non-refundable

    Changes can be made up to 1 hour before the original journey departure time (e.g. if you wish to change from a stop midway through a service – the window for changes is one hour prior to the first stop on that route and not the time of departure for subsequent stops on that service). Changes can only be made for dates and times (not stops or different routes) for up to 30 days either side of the original booking. All changes are subject to availability on your required journey.

    If you have purchased the Flexibook add on for your journey, please see this video for a guide on to use your add on


    Aircoach provides services on 6 key routes:

    • Service 700: Dublin Airport - Dublin City Centre - Donnybrook - Leopardstown 
    • Service 702: Dublin Airport - Greystones via Ballsbridge 
    • Service 703: Dublin Airport - Dalkey / Killiney via Ballsbridge 
    • Service 704X: Cork - Dublin City - Dublin Airport Non-Stop Express 
    • Service 705X: Derry/Londonderry - Belfast International Airport - Belfast Glengall St (pick up only) - Dublin Airport - Dublin City
    • Service 706X - Galway - Athlone - Dublin City - Dublin Airport
    • Service 706 - Galway - GMIT - Ballinasloe - Athlone - Maynooth - Dublin City - Dublin Airport 

    All Aircoach services operate from Terminal 1 Arrivals – Zone 2 and Terminal 2 - Zone 20.

    Terminal 1: Our stop is located at Zone 2, outside the main exit door on the arrivals level, use pedestrian crossing and we are on the left.

    Terminal 2: Our drop off stop is located on the Departures Road at Terminal 2 right outside the check in area. The pick up point is Zone 20 which is through the atrium at arrivals and down the escalator on the left.

    Please remember to leave sufficient time between your coach arrival at the Airport and your flight check-in time. We would recommend at least 1 hour prior to the opening of your flight check-in. Check with your airline regarding check in and boarding times.

    No - Aircoach operates the same service on all routes, 7 days a week, except for the following exceptions:

    On Christmas Day there is no service.

    Details of last services on Christmas Eve and first services on St. Stephen's Day / Boxing Day will be posted on our website.

    Single Tickets purchased on the coach are only valid on the journey on which they are purchased or, if purchased from our Customer Service Team at Dublin Airport, on the next departure from the Airport.

    Return Tickets purchased on the coach or from our Customer Service Team at Dublin Airport. The outward portion of your ticket is only valid on the journey on which they are purchased or, if purchased from our Customer Service Team at Dublin Airport, on the next departure from the Airport. You can use the return portion of your ticket on any return journey, on your booked route, up to a period of 6 months after the outward journey date.

    Single Tickets booked online:

    • for time specific bookings, single tickets will be valid for travel on the selected departure time on your chosen route, on the date specified on your booking. Subject to availability you may be allowed to travel on an earlier departure that day, however, your seat is only guaranteed on the timed journey specified on your booking. When travelling from Dublin Airport only, and where there has been a flight delay, passengers may be allowed to travel on a later journey than the one booked.
    • for bookings where there is no time specific departure on the day, single tickets will be valid for one single journey on the specific route on the date specified on your booking.

    Return Tickets booked online:

    • for time specific bookings the outward portion of your return booking will be valid for travel on the selected departure time on your chosen route, on the date specified on your booking. For the return journey the return portion will be valid for travel on the selected departure time on your chosen route, on the date specified on your booking. Subject to availability you may be allowed to travel on an earlier departure on the day of your booking, however, your seat is only guaranteed on the timed journey specified on your booking. When travelling from Dublin Airport only, and where there has been a flight delay, passengers may be allowed to travel on a later journey than the one booked
    • for bookings where there is no time specific departure on the day, return tickets will be valid for one outward journey and one return journey on the specific route on the dates specified on your booking.

    Online Bookings:

    • For all online bookings, customers should be present at the appropriate stop, and make themselves known to the driver, at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, otherwise the seat reservation cannot be guaranteed.

    For the best fares and a guaranteed seat we recommend booking on our website to 1 hour pre departure. At Dublin Airport you can purchase your ticket from any Aircoach staff member at the Aircoach departure stand at Terminal 1, Zone 2 and Terminal 2, Zone 20. You may also purchase your ticket from your driver when boarding the coach using cash or contactless payment. The 705X (Dublin-Belfast-Derry) service is cashless route - payment on board the bus is via contactless only.

    Discounted child fares are available on all our routes for children aged between 4-13 years inclusive. Two infants aged 0-3 years inclusive, accompanied by an adult fare-paying passenger, will be carried free of charge. Any additional infants accompanied by the same adult will be charged at child fares. You may be required to provide proof of age to avail of infant and child discounts if so requested by the driver. Please note, we cannot carry children 13 years or younger unless accompanied by responsible person aged 16 years or over. 

    Children under 14 years of age will not be carried, except when they are accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 years or over. Where doubt exists as to the eligibility of a child for unaccompanied travel, it is the responsibility of the passenger claiming such eligibility to produce evidence of age. As safety is our main priority, all passengers including unaccompanied children must wear a seatbelt at all times where the service requires it and seatbelts are provided.

    We value our customers and will do our best to accommodate you. Space permitting we will be happy to transport these items.

    Please fill out the Lost Property form on our website or call our office on +353 (0) 1 844 7118 and we will do our best to locate your property. Any lost property will be stored at our offices in the Airport Business Park, which is near to Dublin Airport, for a maximum of 3 months. It may be collected from here, by prior arrangement, between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday. Unfortunately due to security reasons we are unable to forward lost property on board our coaches.

    All our coaches are available to hire and we would be delighted to provide you with a competitive quote for all your transport requirements. If you are organising travel for a large group please contact us so we can discuss your exact requirements.

    For all enquiries please call us on 00 353 1 8447118 and our customer service team will look after you.

    All Online Bookings must be made one hour before the departure time of your coach.

    Our coaches are boarded in the following sequence:

    1. First to Board are customers who have purchased their ticket online via our website and the ticket is for the date and time of the service being boarded.

    2. The Second group to board the coach are customers who have an Activated mobile App ticket, return journeys and online tickets for another departure time where the Flexi option has been purchased online.

    3. The Third group to board are customers who need to purchase a ticket from the driver, have purchased from the airport kiosk and those holding concessionary passes.

    We encourage all customers to purchase their tickets online via our website in order to avail of the best fares but also to guarantee your seat on the coach.

    Goods and services sold through digital, tv, mail order are subject to The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Under clause 6(2)(b) of the regulation states that  the regulations do not apply to contracts for the provision of transport. As such the 14 day cooling off period does not apply to Aircoach tickets.

    Terminal 1 - Lounge is located between the Security lanes, on the second floor and is accessible via the lift or the stairs.

    • Tranquil setting, comfortable, air-conditioned Lounges.
    • Complimentary drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines.
    • A dedicated Business Centre providing computer access.
    • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the Lounge.

    Currently the lounge is open at the following times only:

    • Tuesday: 08:30-16:30
    • Wednesday: 08:30-16:30
    • Thursday: 6:00-16:30
    • Friday: 8:30-16:30
    • Saturday:5.30 -14:30 
    • Sunday & Monday: 5:30 - 13:30

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions the maximum length of stay in the Lounge is 2 hours. 

    You can amend your booking by going to the Dublin Airport website and go to Enhance my Journey and select Lounges.

    Then select Manage My Bookings

    Insert email address used to book the original Lounge pass and the Booking Reference on the Lounge email you received (not the Aircoach Booking Reference).

    You will be asked to pay for the new booking and the old booking will be refunded  to your credit card.

    On completion of the booking process, you will:  

    • Receive an email confirmation at the email address you provided when making the online booking.
    • This email confirmation sets out the details of your booking and include your unique booking reference number
    • You will need a copy of the voucher on hand to gain access to The T1 Lounge. This can be printed or viewed on your phone. Please give this to our receptionist and they will look after the rest.

    Student tickets are available on certain routes and are applicable to those studying in 3rd level education or equivalent. A valid and current student ID must be presented to the driver to avail of a student fare. 

    If you make an online booking at your seat is guaranteed on both single and return journeys.  Free Travel Pass holders can also guarantee a seat by purchasing a seat reservation online.  A paper or on-bus ticket will only be sold to you if there is availability on your required journey. In the case of a return paper ticket, you are not guaranteed a seat on the return leg of your journey. 

    Please be aware, if multiple passengers have been booked to travel on the same booking, they can not individually change bookings to another time. The whole party may change if Flexibook has been included in your booking. However, individuals as part of the booking can not change their journey. 

    Cash is accepted on board all routes except for the 705X, which is a fully cashless service - pay by contactless only. We highly recommend booking online where possible to guarantee your seat.

    Leap Cards

    You can purchase and top-up a Leap Card Online at, at any of the many TFI Leap Card Payzone outlets around the country, or via the Leap Top-Up app on your phone. Leap Top-Up is a free App for Android phones and iPhones which allows you to instantly Top-Up your Leap Card and check your balance. Leap cards are also available to purchase at selected DART stations in Dublin. 

    You no longer need to carry the cash fare with you – just pay the appropriate fare with the travel credit on your leap card, plus no more queuing at ticket machines.

    The cost depends on the type of card you are purchasing.  All leap card prices can be accessed here.

    Place your Leap Card onto the Leap Card validator / ticket machine on the coach. Your fare will be automatically deducted from your Travel Credit.
    You must have sufficient credit on your Leap Card before you purchase a ticket from the driver

    The most popular way to top-up your card is to download the Leap Top-Up app for free and use it to add credit as required, check your balance and collect tickets
    At TFI Leap Card Payzone outlets around the country
    At Luas, DART and commuter rail ticket machines
    On board from selected bus operators
    Use Auto Top-Up for regular top-ups to be debited from your bank account
    Online at, but please note if you top-up online, you still have to collect your travel credit or ticket at either a TFI Leap Card outlet or another nominated load location i.e. the point you nominate to collect your online top-up.

    No, to top up your leap card see How do I top-up my TFI Leap Card? above


    Buying tickets is simple! Once you've downloaded the app and created your account, just select the service you wish to travel on, either using the manual search tool or the list of suggested services, and then click on 'Buy your Ticket'. You'll then be able to choose which tickets you require from the product catalogue and head to the basket.

    Receipts are sent to the email linked with the account at the time of purchase. If you're going to need your receipt, we would recommend double checking your account details are correct before making a ticket purchase.

    Please note that this purchase receipt is not valid for travel, and you will need to show the driver your active mTicket displayed on the app.

    If you have ‘Apple Pay’ or ‘Google Pay’ set up on your phone, on the payment methods screen, 'Apple Pay’ or ‘Google Pay’ will appear as a payment option button. On the panel, select the card you want to use (of those stored in the wallet) and enter your Touch ID. The transaction will complete in a few moments.

    We can only provide refunds for unactivated tickets; any activated tickets are non-refundable. 

    Refunds are not permitted due to a positive Covid Test. If you have purchased the FlexiBook you can move your travel date.  

    Contact the mTicket support team on (So we can fully answer your enquiry please give us as much information as possible about the ticket type, device and operating system you are using) or 00443300 947 577. Normal opening hours: 7am – 10pm, seven days a week.

    Once a ticket is purchased and downloaded, it will appear in the 'purchased' section of the Ticket Wallet in your app. Tickets in this section are listed from the oldest at the top to the newest at the bottom.

    When you want to use a ticket, select the one you want and then select 'Activate Now'.

    You'll then be informed of how long the ticket will be active for, before confirming that you want to want to activate this ticket. We would advise reading this carefully to avoid activating unwanted tickets.

    Once activated, the app will generate a moving ticket image on your phone's screen and a QR code. This will stay active for the remainder of the ticket's validity.

    You'll need to scan the QR when you board the coach. We suggest you only activate the ticket just before you board the vehicle to ensure it’s validity.

    You will require internet connection to use the app, as the app needs to communicate with our server to keep itself up to date when you're out and about.

    Opening the app, accessing the ticket catalogue, and accessing account pages will all generate a connection attempt. If the app cannot establish connection to our servers, it will then lock until it can connect.

    Please note the app is not designed to work with Wi-Fi only devices such as tablets and iPods.

    You will need an active and valid ticket to travel on the bus. If the mTicket is no longer valid, you will need to activate another, or pay to travel by cash/contactless payment and buy a ticket from the driver.

    If an inspector asks to check your ticket, please show them the active ticket in your wallet as you would do the driver. For those who boarded using a single ticket which has since expired, the inspector will still be able to see this under the 'expired' tab in your wallet.

    The mTicket system only allows one ticket of any type to be active at a time on a single device. If you are travelling with friends or family, they will need to purchase mTickets on their own device from their own account or use cash, or a contactless payment to buy a ticket from the driver.

    We currently do not offer child tickets or our mTickets app therefore child tickets will need to be purchased from the driver using cash or contactless payment.

    You will generally have 90 days to activate and use a ticket, although some multi journey tickets will be available to use for a year. If your ticket has an expiry date, this will be stated in the ticket's details on the app.

    The mTickets app supports versions above and including iOS 8 and Android 4. Unfortunately, the Windows operating system is not supported.

    The mTickets app is only designed to work with one device per account. However, should customers purchase a new handset, or lose or damage their current device, they will be able to transfer their tickets over.

    To do this:

    • Log off from your mTicket account on your old phone (if possible).
    • Download the app and login to your mTicket account on your new phone
    • Check the wallet Ticket Wallet screen. You should find a pink panel containing a button to start the transfer process.

    If the button is not visible, please ensure you have a data connection and refresh the app (on an iPhone tap the screen three times, or on Android select Refresh from the menu button).

    Customers are able to complete the above process twice a month but further requests are subject to approval by a member of our mTickets team. Please don’t attempt to share your ticket with anyone else.

    Missing tickets are generally caused by your mTicket account becoming logged out, or a prolonged loss of internet connection. To restore your tickets, please make sure you have a good network connection and refresh your tickets (on an Android select 'reset' from the menu key, on an iPhone tap the screen 3 times). Your tickets should be restored to your account in a few seconds.

    It's your responsibility to ensure your phone has enough battery power to show a valid mTicket to the driver, or to any ticket inspector throughout your journey. If your phone does run out of charge, you will need to buy a ticket from the driver.

    We do not issue paper copies of mTickets. You will receive an email receipt when you make your purchase, but this will not be valid for travel.

    With mTickets, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure a working mobile phone is available to show the driver the ticket screen. If there is a problem with the system, please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

    If the QR code is not being picked up by the ticket machine, please show the ticket screen to the driver. Providing you're travelling on the correct ticket, the digital copy of your mTicket is still valid for travel and will be accepted.

    No, the only way to guarantee a seat is to book online at

    No, the App is for individual use. To use the App an account must be set up. The tickets purchased are for use by the account holder and only one ticket can be activated at one time.

    Tickets are non-transferable.

    The activated ticket will only scan on the coach at the stop for which the ticket was purchased. If there is a seat available on the coach the driver will accept your ticket as long as it activated and is for a fare that is the same or higher than the fare charged for stop you wish to get on at.

    On Android phones, the first time a customer opens the ticket screen with NFC on, a pop-up advises them to turn it off. The user can turn off NFC for Google Pay manually in the settings.

    If you are still experiencing difficulties with the app please contact mTickets Customer Service on (So we can fully answer your enquiry please give us as much information as possible about the ticket type, device and operating system you are using) or 00443300 947 577. Normal opening hours: 7am – 10pm, seven days a week. Please note this team can only deal with app related queries, for queries regarding journey planning and online purchase please contact our Customer Services teams, or +353 (0)1 8447118.

    Young Adult Cards

    The Young Adult (19-23) is the new TFI Leap Card introduced on the 9th of May giving cardholders reductions of 50% compared to adult fares. It can be used for travel by anyone who is 19 to 23 years old, up to their 24th birthday. The user’s name and photograph are printed on it.

    To get your Young Adult/Student Leap Card, visit here to go to the TFI website and follow the instructions.

    To qualify for the purchase of the Young Adult online tickets, customers must hold a Young Adult Leap Card available to all persons aged 19-23.

    Initially this offer will only be available online at On the booking page in the ‘Select passengers’ drop down menu, you should choose Young Adult Card as the passenger type. You will be asked for the YAC card number on the personal details page where you add your name.

    Please note that customers who purchase a Young Adult (YAC) ticket must present their valid Young Adult Leap Card to the driver for visual validation when scanning their ticket on board.

    If you purchase a Young Adult/Student Leap Card ticket online without a valid Young Adult Card or Student Leap Card to present to the driver, you will be charged a full new fare.

    The YAC discount is available on all service except Route 705X to Belfast.

    We will continue to provide our regular online and on-board student fares. You will be asked to provide a valid student ID to the driver.

    No, at the moment the YAC fare can only be purchased online. We hope to offer the YAC discount on bus later in the year.

    The TFI scheme is not valid for Northern Ireland.

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