Clock Changes on Sunday 27th March to Summertime

25th Mar 2022

Daylight saving time or Summertime in Ireland begins on Sunday, 27th  March. Clocks will move one hour in the early morning of Sunday. This will affect two of our routes as follows:

Belfast Route 705X
Please note that the 01.30am coach from Dublin City centre to Belfast and 02.00am service from Dublin Airport to Belfast will leave at the old time of 01.30am and 02.00am (as if there was no time change and you do not change your watch/clock until after 02.00am). They will arrive in Belfast at 04.50am (new summertime)
However, the 01.30am service from Belfast to Dublin Airport and Dublin city will leave at the new time of 02.30am (new Summertime) and will arrive in Dublin Airport at 04.20am (new summertime).
No other Belfast services are affected.

Cork Route 704X
The only services affected will be the 01.00am service from Cork and 01.00am service from Aston Quay, Dublin city centre to Cork on Sunday 27th morning. The driver will pick up as usual just before 01.00am and when ready to go at 01.00am, the clock will go forward to 02.00am (new summertime).  This means that the arrival times of these services will be at the new tile ie. the service from Cork at 01.00am will arrive at Dublin airport at 05.30am (new summertime) and the 01.00am from Aston Quay will arrive in Cork at 05.00am (new summertime).

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