How do I transfer my tickets to a new phone?

The mTickets app is only designed to work with one device per account. However, should customers purchase a new handset, or lose or damage their current device, they will be able to transfer their tickets over.

To do this:

  • Log off from your mTicket account on your old phone (if possible).
  • Download the app and login to your mTicket account on your new phone
  • Check the wallet Ticket Wallet screen. You should find a pink panel containing a button to start the transfer process.

If the button is not visible, please ensure you have a data connection and refresh the app (on an iPhone tap the screen three times, or on Android select Refresh from the menu button).

Customers are able to complete the above process twice a month but further requests are subject to approval by a member of our mTickets team. Please don’t attempt to share your ticket with anyone else.

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